Leather Key Tether

A sure-fire way to keep keys from being misplaced. Hefty and secure premium full-grain leather clips onto purses and backpacks.

Made in the USA

  • Never lose your keys again. Clip your key ring to one side of the tether and your bag or backpack to the other. You'll never leave keys behind again. The key tether is another time saver to shave minutes off of your jam-packed day.

    Material: Premium full grain leather + caribiner
    Dimensions: 10 inches x .375 inch leather + 1.5 inches x 1 inch caribiner
    Weight: .5 oz.
  • Why make a key tether?

    The Key Tether provides another tool to help organize your busy life. When hooked to a bag, you can still pull out your keys to lock your car without mistakenly leaving those keys inside the car. Use it as a keychain and you'll never misplace house keys. You will always know where your keys are kept so you don't waste precious time looking for them.

    Why did you choose full grain leather?

    Full-grain leather has a super tight grain so it resists moisture very well, and it's strong and durable. We believe in making products of the highest quality—we never skimp on materials. Full-grain leather is ideal for handles; your fingers will feel the difference. Of course, leather lines the bottom to help the backpack withstand various surfaces. The leather also develops a beautiful patina so it will add to the backpack's character over time.

    Why did you choose a carabiner as the clip?

    These carabiners are lightweight and have a clean look. They are easy to clip and unclip, which is handy when you're in a hurry. They're strong and secure so they won't easily slip off. Finally, they look really good with the attached leather strip.

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