Etta Pouch

The go-to pouch for all things that tend to stray. Can be stowed in bigger bags or used on its own.

Made in the USA

  • The coated taffeta material repels liquid and keeps the pouch protected from accidental spills; just wipe dry. Organize small items in multiple colored pouches to help you find things quickly.

    - Self-locking premium zipper
    - Side loop to attach to a purse
    - Gold-lined interior for visibility

    Material: Coated Taffeta or Ballistic Nylon
    Dimensions: 8.5 inches x 6 inches x 1 inch
    Weight: 2 oz.

  • What is coated taffeta material?

    We chose this material, because it is lightweight, highly durable, and easy to wipe off. It will look new even after years of use. With a versatile material like coated taffeta, you can use your backpack in many settings without worrying about nicks and scuffs.

    What is ballistic nylon?

    Ballistic nylon is another durable, nearly-indestructable material that can take dings and nicks and bounce right back still looking good. The black color never fades so it will look like fresh even after many years of wear and tear. We chose ballistic nylon material to provide you with another choice without sacrificing quality.

    Why is there a little hook on one side of the pouch?

    Like your thumb, this hook is indispensable. You can thread your finger through it for easier carrying; you can hold it to help you zip the pouch shut; you can hook it to your bag with a PERALTA key tether so it's easy to retrieve.

    Why use a gold liner?

    First, the liner adds a bit of protection for the different items you may carry inside. Second, we chose gold because this lighter, brighter color makes it easier to quickly see the contents inside your pouch.

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