Keep your new iPhone 7, Bluetooth headphones and Lightning adapter together in the Abby iPhone Case


For busy ladies who like to stay organized, the Abby iPhone Case is perfect for keeping the new iPhone 7 and its small accessories together. 

Apple's new iPhone 7 does away with the headphone jack, thus requiring an adapter when using traditional earbuds. With every iPhone 7, Apple includes a Lightning-connected EarPod and a Lightning-to-35mm headphone jack adapter. In addition, you can also use Bluetooth headphones, and Apple offers the elegant AirPod for those who want to do away with wires altogether. The AirPods can be easy to lose, forget, or misplace, and it comes in a dental floss-like packaging. To keep these small items together, they can be stashed into the Abby iPhone Case. 

The Abby also fits a small wallet or coin purse, along with some credit cards or employee key card.  

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