How to ease the transition from school to work

Balani Backpack blog

Whether you're a summer intern or going to your first post-college job, dressing appropriately for work can be a challenge. What's the vibe in your workplace? Do you interact with many people your age? What kind of work do you do? After all, you want to fit in, yet show your individuality at the same time.

If backpacks seem to be the norm, then the Balani Backpack will be more work-friendly than a school pack, a sports backpack, or one given away at a convention. The Balani is also quite functional, with padded laptop and tablet compartments to protect your new work tools. There's also plenty of room to stash lunch, a water bottle, or extra jacket.    

For college graduates about to enter the workforce, the Balani Backpack would make a great gift. 

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