Surprise Mom with the Perfect Gift for her Tech Gear

PERALTA Bags San Francisco

All Moms deserve a break, especially Moms who carry around laptops, tablets, and phones. They try to stay connected wherever they are whether juggling work and home or multi-tasking their way to getting everything done.  

For these Moms, we have the perfect gifts to support their busy lives:

1. The Balani Backpack carries laptops, tablets, and tons of other stuff—no kidding. It's super comfortable, even when full, and has a padded compartment just for her laptop. For an added health boost, the feminine S traps encourage better posture.

2. For talking and walking at the same time, the Abby iPhone Case keeps Mom's hands free—no need to hold the phone to her ear. It also doubles as a small purse, and can be inserted into larger bags or backpacks.

3.  The Scarlett Sleeve is custom-fit for MacBooks and iPads and comes in beautiful, colorful textiles or black ballistic nylon. A thick neoprene interior absorbs shocks, protecting the device from everyday dings. 

Knowing that their expensive gear are well-protected gives Mom peace of mind so she can focus on the task at hand. An American-Made gift from PERALTA is a gift of love.

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