How to keep your iPhone close to you at all times


We have all experienced it—forgetting where we've put our phone. Was it left on the desk? At the restaurant table? In the ladies room? Where is it? A sense of panic, then dread, slowly sets in.

The new Abby iPhone case sets to dispel those bouts of anxiety. Beautiful enough to double as a purse, the Abby is sized to fit an iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, or similarly-sized smartphones. The phone is kept secure in a dedicated pocket made of Ultrasuede, which keeps the screen looking clean. The Abby can also hold a key card and a small change purse, along with a few toiletries. 

Because it's small and light enough to be a purse, you can easily take it everywhere with you, throwing it over your shoulder or stashing it into your PERALTA Balani Backpack, briefcase, or gym bag. It comes in classic leather to match any outfit, or in bold graphics which go very well with an all-black ensemble.

Now you can take your iPhone wherever you need it, knowing that it's safely stashed in its Abby Case.

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