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Keep your new iPhone 7, Bluetooth headphones and Lightning adapter together in the Abby iPhone Case

For busy ladies who like to stay organized, the Abby iPhone Case is perfect for keeping the new iPhone 7 and its small accessories together.  Apple's new iPhone 7 does away...

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Balani Backpack blog

How to ease the transition from school to work

Whether you're a summer intern or going to your first post-college job, dressing appropriately for work can be a challenge. What's the vibe in your workplace? Do you interact with...

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PERALTA Bags San Francisco

Surprise Mom with the Perfect Gift for her Tech Gear

All Moms deserve a break, especially Moms who carry around laptops, tablets, and phones. They try to stay connected wherever they are whether juggling work and home or multi-tasking their...

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The Scarlett Sleeve now sized to fit the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro & MacBook

The attention-grabbing Scarlett Sleeve sizes have expanded to include the newly announced 9.7" iPad Pro, and other MacBook sizes. Originally created as a custom-fit sleeve for the large sized 12.9" iPad...

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How to keep your iPhone close to you at all times

We have all experienced it—forgetting where we've put our phone. Was it left on the desk? At the restaurant table? In the ladies room? Where is it? A sense of...

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Scarlett iPad Pro Sleeve

How sophisticated textiles add pop to the Scarlett iPad Pro Sleeve

When designing the Scarlett Sleeve, Peralta Creative Director Amyel Oliveros wanted it to be both functional and beautiful. He turned to fellow San Francisco maker, Luna Textiles for ideas and...

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Peralta bags

Coated taffeta: the wonder material that takes spills & wipes dry

After searching high and low, we chose this material because we found it to be extremely lightweight, highly durable, and repels liquids. This versatility allows our bags to be taken...

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anne kirk textiles

A woman's passion still burns after 20 years

Although Anne's textile designs grace the walls of high-end boutique hotels, restaurants, and million-dollar homes, she is most comfortable when she is mixing colors and textures in her paint-splattered workshop....

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Peralta bags

Find your passion and let it guide you

Rachel loves what she does. Every hour of the workday, she counsels soon-to-be-parents on their genetic concerns regarding their new offspring. She loves working with them and goes out of...

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